what is a landing page

Without going into the history of why it’s called a “Landing Page”, and what the term USED to mean, we will jump right to the here and now.

A Landing Page is a one page website with a single focus: To collect information about someone – most importantly their email address.

For example, let’s say you are an insurance agent looking for new clients. You might start building a landing page that attracts potential new customers for your business.

Your goal for the insurance agent landing page is to get their email address so you can start an email dialog with them and eventually, (hopefully) turn them into a customer.

How to get their email address

Most people don’t just give up their email address to anyone who asks for it. So you have to offer them something in return. One of the easiest things you can do is to offer a FREE REPORT.

In our Insurance Agent example, you might offer a free report entitled:

“What Your Insurance Agent Isn’t Telling You”
“The 5 Things You Must Consider Before Buying Life Insurance”
“7 Mistakes Most People Make When Buying Insurance”

You get the idea. You are offering some good information that will entice your prospects into giving up their email address in exchange for the free report.

Landing Pages should be simple and to the point. For example:

Get this free report:

“7 Mistakes Most People Make When Buying Insurance”

Enter your email here: ________________

What NOT to do

Remember your sole purpose of this Landing Page is to get someone to give you their email address. So…stay focused!

DON’T… tell them about your company
DON’T… tell them they can call you if they want
DON’T… distract them with any additional information
DON’T… give them options: “You can do this, or you can do that”
DON’T… include a link to your website or any other website
DON’T… create a stunning visual masterpiece – the simpler, the better

Why can’t I just add a landing page to my existing website?

The reason a single purpose Landing Page works so well is that there is only one thing to do when you get there. Putting a Landing Page within your website, doesn’t work well because there are so many OTHER things the visitor can do, besides ust leaving their email.

How easy is it to build a Landing Page?

With the right tools, you can build and launch agency landing pages in a few minutes. AllClients CRM software has Landing Page templates you can use so you don’t have to start with a blank canvas.

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