what does it mean to have my data in the cloud

In the olden days, you would buy software, (it usually came on a floppy disc), take it to your office and install it on your computer. That software was called “The Program”. Then as you started to use the program, you created new information that was specific to you: Like your spreadsheets, and your letters. That information, specific to you, was called “The Data”.

Both the program and the data were stored on your hard drive inside your computer.

Today things work a bit differently.

Essentially we still have the program and the data, but much of today’s software is stored in the cloud.

What the heck is “The Cloud”?

Remember we had our computer sitting in the corner of our office with everything on it? Imagine that computer floating up and sitting on top of a cloud. That’s cloud computing! The hardware and software you are using are no longer physically located at your office.

As you may have guessed, with data cloud storage, nothing is really floating in the sky. Today we have server farms which are a collection of computer services, including thousands of computers for data cloud storage. These server farms are spread across many locations all over the world.

The software you use is physically in these multiple locations, ready for you to access any day, anytime.

Why is cloud computing better?

When that computer in the corner of your office broke down or was stolen, you lost everything. With cloud computing, your information is in several locations. Because of this, you don’t lose anything with a hardware failure. And as long as you properly protect your login information, it is almost impossible for someone to steal your information.

AllClients CRM software has been in the cloud since our inception in 2004. All of our programs, and all of your data is safely managed on servers at Rackspace.com. Rackspace is one of the top managed cloud computing companies in the world.

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