Web Based CRM Software

Web Based CRM Systems are the only way to go. Your alternative is a software based CRM, where you have to deal with updates, security, and a high risk of data loss.

With web based CRM software, the updates come to you automatically. As the web based CRM software creator comes up with new features, upgrades and even bug fixes, they will “push” these updates to you without you having to lift a finger. This ensures that you have the latest and greatest version of their web based CRM software.

Another reason to choose a web based CRM software is security and data preservation. While people often question how safe their data is on the Internet, they rarely think of how safe their data sitting on their computer in an office or in their den at home, or worse… on a laptop. It is much more likely that data will be stolen, or lost on your personal PC, then it will on the Internet stored safely behind the same security that banks and government institutions use.

AllClients is web based CRM Software at it’s best.

AllClients web-based CRM solution sends out regular updates to customers on a regular basis. This is usually done late on a Sunday night and Monday morning when you login, you have new features and functions in your Web Based CRM Software. You don’t have to ask for them, pay for them or even download them. With AllClients web CRM, everything is done for you all automatically.

With AllClients web based contact management software, your CRM data is as safe as when you access your bank balances online. We do not view, rent or sell your data. It is seen by your eyes only. Worried about back-ups? So are we! Even though we have never had to restore customer data (knock on wood!), we still have redundant servers running and we do a physical data back-up daily.

Web based CRM Software is always preferred over a software based CRM. And when it comes to feature set and ease of use, you can’t beat AllClients web based CRM system.

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