Team: Assign To-Dos

Here is how you will assign to-dos to your team members. Video Transcript You can assign To-Dos to anyone in your database sharing group. In

Team: Share Templates

Learn how to share email and letter templates across the team. Video Transcript Let’s talk about sharing templates with other team members. When I say

Team: Re-Assign Contacts

The Team Leader can re-assign contacts from one Team Member to another. Here’s how. Video Transcript Let’s reassign some Contacts. So let’s say I am

Team: Delete a Team Member

This will show you how to delete a Team Member. Video Transcript Deleting a team member is pretty easy. First of all you have to

Team: Add a Team Member

Learn how to add a Team Members. Video Transcript In this video I’m going to walk you through Adding a Team Member. The first thing

Team: Database Sharing Groups

This is training for the Account Owner or Team Leader (Part 2). Video Transcript Let’s talk about Database Sharing Groups. A Database Sharing Group is

Team: Account Owner Training

Video Transcript In this video we’re going to discuss the special things an Account Owner can do, or also known as the Team Leader, that

Team: Team Overview

Start here to learn about how you can use the Team functionality. Video Transcript Team configuration allow a small group of users to work together