Marketing: Texting Opt-In

All the ways to opt in a phone number for texting. Embed This Video – You can copy and paste this HTML into another web

Marketing: Workflows

How to perform a group of actions at one time. Video Transcript Action Sets is a great time-saving tool that allows you to group several

Marketing: SMS and Text-to-Join

Contacts can text you their email to start an Email Autoresponder. Video Transcript Text-to-Join is the fastest and easiest way to build and grow your

Marketing: VoiceTouch – Overview

Your own 24/7 Free Recorded Message System Video Transcript VoiceTouch is your very own 24/7 free recorded message system built right into your contact database.

Marketing: Newsletter Overview

All about your Monthly Newsletter. Video Transcript You should be in contact with all of your Clients and Past Clients at least once a month.

Marketing: Birthday Assistant

Use the Birthday Assistant to help you remember your important client’s special day. Video Transcript You never want to forget your Client’s birthday. Maybe you

Marketing: Landing Pages

Learn how to use Landing Pages to collect email addresses. Video Transcript Landing Pages are simple web pages designed to capture contact information, such as

Marketing: Intelligent Links

What are Intelligent Links? Video Transcript You are sending out emails to your Prospects and Customers with links in them. Wouldn’t it be great to