Email: Email Validation

Validating your Emails for Better Deliverability Embed This Video – You can copy and paste this HTML into another web page.

Email: Email Blast Analytics

How to view and use the Analytics from your Email Blasts. Video Transcript To see the Analytics for one of your Email Blasts, go to

Email: Contacts Already Opted-in

How to opt in contacts that have already given you permission to send email. Video Transcript Okay, let’s say you’re bringing contacts over from another

Email: Real-Time Email Analytics

Track the success of your individual emails and your email campaigns. Video Transcript So you send out marketing emails, now the question is, are they

Email: Email Headers and Footers

Use an email footer to automatically populate your email signature. Video Transcript In this tutorial, we will be creating email Headers And Footers. Headers and

Email: Email Autoresponders

Use email autoresponders to automatically follow-up with clients. Video Transcript Autoresponders allow you to instantly send an email to someone who leaves their email address

Email: Permission-based Email

Learn how the system looks at email addresses. Video Transcript Here’s how the Permission Based Email System works. When you look up a client in