Account Owner Training

Learn the permissions of the Account Owner/ Administrator.

In this video we’re going to discuss the special things an account owner can do. But if you have an Administrator set up, an administrator can do just about everything the account owner can.

The first thing we’re going to look into is the account owners settings. The account owner has a lot of settings to choose from You’ll see here that the account owner has more settings and is in charge of more aspects of the system.

Let’s look into the Settings for the Account Owner. The Account Owner has a lot of Settings to choose from. Now if we compare that with what the Settings a Power User has Or Team Players or Independent Users have, you’ll see here that the Account Owner has more Settings and is in charge of more aspects of the system.

When a Power User logs in, they’re going to see these limited Settings and when a Team Player or Independent User logs in, they’re going to see even fewer Settings.

One of the many areas the Team Leader is responsible for is the General Settings, workflows, Categories, Category 2, Custom Fields, Flags, Sources and Deal Types. These settings are system-wide so the Owner is going to set these up for everyone on the team. 

Now let’s look at the Automatic Systems… the Audio Messages, Autoresponders, Birthday Assistant, Landing Pages and To-Do Plans. These will also be set up by the Account Owner and will apply to the Account Owner, the Administrator and any of the Team Players or Independent Users. Now if you have Power Users on your team, they will have their own Automatic Systems where they can configure and access without needing the team leader.

Let’s take another look at what each Team Member will have access to under Settings. This might be a good time to pause the recording and compare this to how you might be thinking you want to set your team up.

One of the nice things about being the Account Owner is that you get to manage this whole team. If you go up here and click on this email address, which is the Account Owner’s email, you’ll see everyone on the team and you have the ability to login as any of these users. So if the account owner wants to go see what Kevin Young is up to, these are Kevin’s Contacts, these are Kevin’s To-Dos, Kevin’s Calendar Events, Deals and everything along the line. This is as if Kevin were to log in, so the system doesn’t know the difference if the Owner is in here or if Kevin is in here. 

The Account Owner or Team Leader is also responsible for adding and editing team members. Everything team related can be accessed by going to Settings, Account Settings and then Team Settings.

Let’s say you need to change Kevin’s email address, just click on Kevin’s name, and all of Kevin’s settings can be changed here on this screen. This area is where the account owner or administrator will build and edit your team.

Some other things that the Account Owner and the Administrator can do is they can decide who is Sharing email Templates and Letter Templates. You can have different team members sharing templates and You can share your own templates with your team members. 

You can also reassign contacts, so you could take contacts from one database and put it in another. And you can look at all your team members’ Calendars. If you click on Calendar here, you can look at any of them simply by clicking on their name.

There is one thing that an Account Owner can do that the Administrator cannot, and that is to change the billing and subscription options. Here In Account Settings the administrator will not have this Billing and Plan tab but everything else is the same.

You can set up your team any way you’d like to— There is no limit to having as many Administrators, Power Users or Team Players you’d like, but once your team is set up it is not an easy process to convert one team member type to another. So if later on you decide you want Kevin to be a Team Player instead of a power user , it can be done –  but You have to Delete Kevin, all of Kevin’s contacts, revert back to the Owner, add Kevin back as a Team Player and then give him all of his contacts back, It’s better to take the time to set it up right the first time if at all possible.