Tags Overview

Similar to Categories, Tags are a customizable way to sort your contacts.

This is the Tag’s setting screen.

Tags, like Categories and Category 2 – are just a different way to categorize your contacts.

With Category and Category 2 you can only assign one, to each contact. With Tags, a single contact can have multiple Tags.

Tags are a great way to classify your contacts.

Once you have a Tag assigned to each contact, your whole database will make a lot more sense.

When you first get the system, the default Tags are: friends and family, review this contact, unfriendly person and VIP.

These are just placeholder examples to get you thinking… You can use these, change them or add as many Tags as you would like.

When your contacts have Tags assigned, you will be able to search and bring up all of the contacts with that Tag (in seconds).

One of the easy ways to do it – is right here.

Click on the number next to the Tag and the system will show you which contacts have that Tag assigned.

If you ever want to delete a tag, you are just deleting the tag itself… You are not deleting the contacts that have that tag assigned.