Marketing: Working with the Email and Letter Editor

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Video Transcript

Whenever you want to type an email or letter or edit text on a Landing Page, you are going to be using the editor. This tutorial will address everything in the editor except adding and managing images. There is a separate tutorial that discusses images.

By the way, if you forget what at button does, you can hover over the button with your cursor and a short description will pop up. The back and forth arrows here allow you to undo and redo your work. For example, if you deleted a section and then changed your mind and wanted it back, you could just hit the undo arrow. Here we have copy and paste and then the bold, italic, and underline functions.

We can change the color of the text or the background colors with these buttons. You can align your text in a variety of ways here. If you have a list and want to format it with bullets or numbers, use one of these two options. Indenting and outdenting is done like this. Here’s the print button.

By the way, when working with editors, it is a common practice to hit enter to take you to the next line. In this editor, like many others, when you hit enter, it creates a new paragraph, so it skips a line. If you just want to go to the next line, hold down the shift key, then press enter.

Here is where you can change the font and the font size. Using the mail merge function is a great way to personalize your emails and letters. For instance, in your document, you could say Dear John, instead of Dear Sir or Madam. When you select an option from this list, special codes will be inserted in your document. Now when you send this email to a contact in your database, the system will automatically insert the person’s first name, making your message more personal.

These binoculars are used to find and replace words in your document. If you want to put a link in your email, you can’t just do it like this. You will need to highlight the text you want to turn into a link, click on the chain link here, and then type the URL here.

Be sure to put in the full URL, including the http part. This button will remove a link. If you wanted to insert a table in your document, you would do it like this. This button clears all the formatting you have in your document. If you are a programmer and want to get direct access to the html, here is where you can access it.

This button will change your display to full screen mode. Sometimes it’s easier to see how things will look when you view it in a full screen.

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