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How to perform a group of actions at one time.

Video Transcript

Action Sets is a great time-saving tool that allows you to group several client activities into one simple sequence. Then you can launch the sequence with one click. For example, let’s say you have a new client, Sally Smith, and you want to set her Category to Client, add a couple of Flags, start her on an Autoresponder, and then Add a Note to her Contact Record. I can just go to her Contact Record and choose Action Set from the Actions menu. Here are the Action Sets I have already built. Now I know the one I want to run is New Client, but just to be sure, I will hit Review. This screen will confirm the actions this set is about to perform. Now I hit Run Action Set and all the actions are run, all in a couple of seconds.

Let’s go behind the scenes and see how Action Sets are created. Go to Settings and then Action Sets. Here is the list of Action Sets I have already created. Let’s build a new one. I’ll call it Customer Upgrade. In this example we have a customer who is buying your blue widgets and now is upgrading to your green widget product. Here’s the screen where I select the actions I want to put in my Action Sets.

For this set I’m going to Remove the Flag blue widget and then I’ll add the Flag green widget. Then I’ll set the Category as High-Valued Client. I will want to stop any Autoresponders this client is currently on, so I’ll do that like this. If I wanted to add a Delay into this sequence, here’s how I would do it. Now the Action Set will pause for 30 days before it moves onto the next step. Then I’ll start them on the green widget Autoresponder Series. All of my To-Do Plans are related to the blue widget clients, so I’m going to add a step that will stop all of the To-Do Plans just in case this client is on one.

Finally, I will Add a Note to the Client Record and send them an email. Now here’s my Action Set all built and ready to go. If I needed to reorder these actions for any reason, I could just drag and drop the actions like this. If I ever want to come back in here and remove or edit a step, I’ll do it like this. By the way, for our more advanced users you will be able to run Action Sets from Zapier or with an API call. Action Sets are powerful. They’re easy to create, easy to use, and they’re a great time-saver.

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