Text Messaging & Text-to-Join

Contacts can text you their email to start an Email Autoresponder.

Text-to-Join is the fastest and easiest way to build and grow your Contact List. Imagine having prospective customers add themselves to your database and opt in to receive your emails and your text messages. 

Here’s how Text-to-Join works: Laurie sees your sign and texts her email address to your Text-to-Join phone number. Instantly, a friendly text message comes back, asking for her name, that’s it. 

The system will then automatically add Laurie to your database, including her mobile phone number and her email address. Plus, Laurie has been opted in to receive both emails and text messages from you. 

You can even have a workflow automatically start running when you receive a new lead through Text-to-Join. 

You can also text them back directly from the Contact Card. Whenever you see this little indicator you know that your client has given you permission to send them text messages.

To activate Text-to-Join go to your VoiceTouch Settings, click on the box to enable Text-to-Join, pick your workflow or Autoresponder and put up your sign.