Newsletter Overview

All about your Monthly Newsletter.

You should be in contact with all of your Clients and Past Clients at least once a month. An easy way to do this is by sending out a monthly Newsletter. Included in your database subscription is a general interest, easy to read Newsletter. This Newsletter is done for you with fresh content provided each month. Plus, it has all of your personal contact information in it so it looks like you did all the work. To get to the Newsletter page, click this box from your Home page. From here, you select the version you want to work with.

The Email version is presented in an HTML format that you will email to your clients each month. The content is done for you, so it is ready to send out without you having to write any articles. However, if you are so inclined, you can easily customize the articles and content with any HTML editor.

The Paper Newsletter is presented in a PDF format that you will print on your own printer or you can take it to your local printing shop. The content of this version is also done for you so it is ready to print without you having to write any articles.

The Word Format Newsletter is presented in a .doc format that you can easily download and customize using Microsoft Word. This version is designed for the creative types who want to add their own articles and content.

Whatever version of the Newsletter you choose, be consistent and get in front of your Clients each month with this valuable tool.