Marketing: Landing Pages – Single Field for Name

Just ask for a name – not First and Last Name

Video Transcript

On your Landing Pages, you can capture as much information as you want. You can capture first name, last name, addresses, special fields. You can do a lot of things with that. On this form, you see we’re capturing first name, last name and email. That’s pretty much the minimum, but some people even want more minimum, and they just want one field for the name. The thinking here is make it as easy as possible. Maybe they just want to put a first name in and then email, and what you’re really after is the email, so what if your form could look like this? Here we just have one name field and an email, and the way you set that up is you go over to Form. Here’s where you’re going to determine what fields are in your Landing Page, and right here first you can say I want first name and last name, so that’s going to give you the two fields, or you can say I just want name, which is one field. That’s how you would set it up.

We built some logic into the system to try to figure out what the real first name and real last name is when somebody’s just using a single name field, but that’s not always going to be a perfect science. So it might be a good idea for you to go in and check those leads as they come in and make sure it looks right to you. Be sure to watch the video on Progressive Landing Pages where you can capture minimal information at the beginning and then right away capture additional information.

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