Landing Pages – Single Field for Name

Just ask for a name – not first and last name.

Everything landing page related is done in the landing page designer which can be accessed by going to settings and then landing pages. 

Whether you’re using a template that’s already built or you’re creating a new one, after you make your selection, click the button that says “Create and start editing” and now you’re inside the Landing Page designer. 

This is the area where you are able to choose whether you have 1 or 2 fields for the name… 

We built some logic into the system to try to figure out what the real first name and real last name is when somebody’s just using a single name field. But that’s not always going to be a perfect science so it might be a good idea for you to go in and check those leads as they come in and make sure it looks right to you. 

Be sure to watch the video on Progressive Landing Pages where you can capture minimal information on the first page and then, hopefully, capture additional information on the next page.

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