Landing Pages – Progressive (Advanced)

Create multiple landing pages in a sequence.

Savvy internet marketers are going to love Progressive Landing Pages. Let’s say you have a lot of information that you would like to get from each visitor. So you have a page that looks something like this, the problem with this page is that some people will look at the form and it will scare them away because there’s too much information to fill out. They’ll get overwhelmed or they’ll just look at it and change their minds.
They leave and they didn’t leave you any information.
What you want, at a minimum, is their email.

So what you can do is break this up into two pages and use the Progressive Landing Page concept.

The first page we’ll call Pam’s Bakery 1. This is the page where we will get their name and email. Now this form doesn’t look too threatening and most people will fill it out, if they’re interested in what you have.

Let’s fill it out and see what happens. Once you click here, the system will take you to the next Landing Page and automatically fill in the name and email address it got from Pam’s Bakery 1. So at this point, we at least have the name and email and it has been added to your database.

Now, hopefully, some people will give you additional information you also want.

Here’s how you set up Progressive Landing Pages.
Let’s go over here and bring up the first landing page, the one I call Pam’s Bakery 1. And now go to the Thank You Tab. The Thank You Tab allows you to do one of three things when somebody fills out a form.
1. You could have the system display a Thank You Message
2. Or you could send the visitor to an outside web page
3. Or you could send the visitor to another landing page you created in the system

That’s what we wanna do here, with Progressive Landing Pages. We want to send the visitor to another landing page, which is Pam’s Bakery 2.

That’s all there is to it, Progressive Landing Pages is the perfect way to make sure you at least get their name and email address and hopefully more.

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