Landing Pages – Linked Deal Fields (Advanced)

Create a deal from a Landing Page.

A Linked Deal is a concept where you want to automatically create a Deal, when somebody fills out a particular Landing Page. This is an advanced feature, but a huge time saver if you use Deals.

Let’s go link a Deal to a Landing Page. This is the Landing Page I want to use. Under the Advanced tab, you will find this check box, Create a linked deal when the form is fill out. When you check the box, a dropdown will appear with all of the Deals you have previously set up in the system. Now when somebody completes this form, a Deal will automatically be created.

But wait, there’s more. I can take this a step further, and add fields to my form that will automatically populate the corresponding field in the deal. Go to the Form tab and let’s add some Extra Fields.

Here are the Custom Text Fields that you have create for this Deal Type. If I change this to a checkbox, the list will show me the checkboxes you have set up in the Deal, and so on. Basically, I can add some Extra Fields to my Form, and when the person fills in that information, it’ll automatically populate those same Fields in the Deal.

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