Landing Pages – Adding Extra Fields

Add Check boxes and drop down lists to your forms.

Your Landing Page can include standard fields such as Name, email, address and phone number. 

Then if you would like, you can take things a step further and add your own special fields. 

Let’s take a look…

First we pick our Landing Page Template, name it and  start editing.

Under the forms tab you will see the standard fields, then your custom fields – if you use custom fields – and then over here you can add extra fields. 

An extra field can be any of these types and when you have a few, you can move them around on the form. Like this. 

You can have extra fields map to one of your custom fields and you can set flags when someone checks the box. 

In any case, all of the information entered into extra fields will appear in the note section of the contact’s record. 

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