Referral Trees

Shows how the Referral Tree is automatically created.

With the Referral Tree, you’ll be able to see all of your referrals in an easy to understand format. 

You’ll find the Referral Tree here in Reports.

Here’s how the Referral Tree works… Everyone who has referred clients to you will be listed here on the left.

Here’s a simple example where Joseph has referred Katie to you. 

In this example, we see that Brenda referred Michael to you, then Michael referred Matt and Matt referred Rebecca.

Building your database by referral is a powerful concept. 

Here’s an example where Connie just referred one person to you… But look what Christina has done for your business. 

The Referral Tree is built automatically, when you’re contacts in the system, select the person in your database who referred this contact to you. 

By the way, by typing the first letter of the referring contact’s name, you can then jump right to that section.

That’s all you have to do. The system will do the rest and keep your Referral Tree up to date.