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Working With Your To-Do List

Manage your To-Do’s right from your To-Do List.

We have made working with your To-Do Lists fast and easy. When you get to your To-Do List, you will see checkboxes here along the left side of the screen. You will use these checkboxes when you want to perform a task for a group of To-Dos. When we click the items we want to work with, these action buttons will automatically appear.

To select all of the To-Dos on this page, click here, from here we can mark these items complete, delete these To-Dos, change all of their due dates, change their priority, or add all of the contacts associated with these To-Dos to ClientTouch. If you have a team set up, you will also be able to reassign a group of To-Dos from one team member to another.

Let’s say I want to reassign some To-Dos to Lori Larsen. I’ll select the To-Dos but I don’t see a reassign button, so what’s happening here? In order to be able to reassign a group of To-Dos I can’t be looking at all of the users on this screen. First I need to select the user I want to take the To-Dos from. This list is just showing the To-Dos that belong to Jeff. Now when you select the To-Dos I want to reassign, the Reassign button will appear. Now I can assign these To-Dos to Lori.

One last note, be aware that when you select all of the checkboxes, you are selecting all of the To-Dos on this page only. You may have other To-Dos included in this filter on subsequent pages. Those To-Dos are not affected by what you do on this page. Also, when using the checkboxes, be sure to finish the actions you are working on before you leave this page. Once you leave this page, the checked items will revert back to an unchecked state.

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