Getting Started

This is the first video you should watch. This video will get you started.

The first time you login to the system you’re going to walk through a quick and easy Setup Wizard.

You’ll accept a Terms of Use policy, select your time zone and then you’ll complete your mail merge profile.

your Mail Merge Profile is very important, this is your real name, and your real company address. This information will appear on your emails and in your letters and in your newsletters. 

Now you’re in the system. 

The first thing you want to do is click on Video Tutorials. There is a lot of good information here, short – to the point videos, that will teach you all about the system. Something you can always refer back to if you ever get stuck.

This icon is your Settings and the first row in the left hand column is Account Settings.

This is the area that you would change your email login, your password, you could change your time zone here, and a couple of different Settings you’ll find here. 

The Agenda Assistant is a great reminder tool where the system will send you an email each morning reminding you about To-Do’s, Appointments, Birthdays and Special Events.

Be sure you check the box to enable the Agenda Assistant, select what you want to get reminded about, put your email and any other emails you want it sent to, and click save.

Down to The Mail Merge Profile, this is the same information that you filled out when you first got into the system, you would come back here if you ever needed to edit any of the information. 

An important part of setting up your database is setting up your Categories, your Flags and your Sources. These are fields that will allow you to sort and filter your database later. 

For example in Categories, at some point in the future you might want to see all of your customers as a group, or all of your prospects. Or, with your Flags, you might want to see everybody who has the Flag, Friends and Family.

Categories, Flags and Sources are easy to work with. 

I’m going to add a new Flag here, click Save, and there it is.

I can also edit the one that I already have in here, like this. 

The difference between Categories and Flags is that categories is assigned one time to a single person, so a person can only be a Customer or only a Prospect. 

With Flags you can have multiple Flags assigned to a single contact. 

We’ve got the basics done now and the next step is for you to get your Contacts in here. 

You can enter them manually or you can import them. There is a video in the tutorial section called Importing your contacts. Go check it out.