Client To-Do’s

How the to-do functions work.

To-Dos and reminders make it easy to follow up with your customers. To create a To-Do, bring up a Client Record and click on the To-Do list. Here’s a list of the To-Dos already set up for this client, but let’s set up a new one.
Click here, fill in the form, and click Save.

Now the system will remind you when it’s time to do something. To-do’s can be categorized. For example if you want to make all of your phone calls at the same time, you can.

A to-do plan is a series of To-Do’s you can set up in advance, for example: After you close a deal, you want to remember to stay in touch with that client. Here’s how you can set up a plan to remind you for the next two years.

To add a To-Do Plan to a Client Record, just select the plan from this drop down menu. Once you have all of your To-Do’s set up in the system, you can forget about them until you’re alerted.

You will find all of your To-Dos on the To-Do Summary screen and to narrow down your search, you can view them by using different filters, or by category.

To work on a To-Do, simply click on it to bring up all the details and when you’re done, mark it complete. 

When it’s time for you to work on a To-Do, the system will alert you here, on the home screen— as well as in your daily agenda assistant email.