Using your calendar.

The Calendar has three different views, Daily, weekly and monthly. In the Daily view you’ll see Appointments in the middle and your To-Do’s are on the right. The difference between an appointment and a To-Do is an Appointment has a time associated with it, and a To-Do does not. A To-Do is just a task that needs to be done by the end of the day that it’s due.

On the far left you’ll be able to see three months in advance and you can scroll here to see the next three months. If you click on any of these dates, it’ll take you right to the Appointment for that date. To make an Appointment in the Daily view, click on the time period for the Appointment and this box will pop up. An Appointment can be associated with a Contact in your database, or it doesn’t have to be.

Your new client Mary just called and wants to meet for lunch on Tuesday so let’s add that into your schedule.. And click save.. Now your lunch Appointment is scheduled here in your Calendar. You can easily extend the Appointment like this. And you can grab the edge on the left if you need to reschedule. You can also click on the Appointment to make any changes, here.

In the Weekly view, you can make, rearrange and extend appointments the same way you can in the Daily view.

When you add an Appointment from the Monthly view, don’t forget to adjust the time of the Appointment here. Otherwise all of your Appointments will be at 8 AM.