Save Advanced Searches to the Home Page

Save your searches for quick access.

Saved searches are a quick and easy way to list your contacts in one click. Here’s a couple saved searches I’ve done. Let’s see how I did it. 

Here on your contact screen go to Advanced Search, and then select Email Opt-In Status and then select is opt-in. Hit the search button and here’s the list of contacts opted-in your system. Now you’re going to click “Save This Search” and then select “Save As New Saved Search”. Then you’re gonna name it, click the box that says “Show In Saved Searches Widget” and then click Save. Now, back on the Home Screen is your new saved search “Opted-In Contacts”.

Let’s do another one. Let’s look for everyone who lives in the city of Chicago… Click advanced search, select City, select Is, and then type in Chicago… And here they are! Now I’m going to save this search and I’ll click “Show In Saved Searches Widget” and that’s it. 

You’ll be in love with your saved searches feature in no time, and you can have as many saved searches as you find fitting.

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