How Do I… Refer-A-Friend

Tell a friend about AllClients and get a reward

Video Transcript

Here at AllClients, we have a Refer- A- Friend Program. If you’re using the system and you like it or you love it, you might as well tell your friends and earn a little referral reward from it.

On the bottom of every screen in AllClients, there’s a Refer-A-Friend link right here. This will take you to the Refer-A-Friend page where you can easily tell a friend about AllClients. There are a couple of different ways to refer a friend. You can get a special link to share on Facebook, Twitter, or email. You just click here, grab this link, and paste away. The other way to tell a friend is to send an email. I’m going to click here, put my friend’s email right here, and here’s an email all ready to go. You can customize this if you’d like or you can leave it just as it is. These are the two ways you can refer a friend.

The way this all works is when your friend eventually signs up, you’re going to get a $5 discount off the monthly subscription and so are they. As long as you refer your friend from this page, the credit will happen automatically to your account and to their account. Remember, you can get to this page from anywhere in the system.

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