Customize the Dashboard

Create a Dashboard that tracks the things most important to your business.

Your car’s dashboard tells you what’s going on under the hood. Like how fast you are going and how much fuel you have left. It will even remind you to fasten your seatbelt. Your Database Dashboard does the same thing for your database. And it’s one of the most important screens in the entire system.

Your Dashboard can tell you how many new Contacts have been added to the system, and who they are. It can remind you about To-Do’s and upcoming Appointments, show you how your Landing Pages are performing, tell you about today’s birthdays, and it can even keep track of the number of contacts you have in a certain Category.

Since different things are important to different people, we’ve made the Dashboard completely customizable. When you right-click anywhere on your dashboard, this button will show up, and it will take you to the customize screen. From here, we can move any of these widgets around however we want to. Then you can click here to add additional widgets.

When you add a widget, it will appear at the top left part of your screen. With some widgets, you will want to hit this edit button to configure it for your dashboard. You can add as many widgets as you would like, and the Dashboard will just scroll so you can see them all.