Include a Video in Your Email

Get and keep the attention of your contacts by including a video in your email.

Video Transcript

It’s getting more difficult to get and keep the attention of both consumers and business buyers. Video email is a new tool to help you stand out and communicate your message more quickly and more effectively. Let’s go create our first video email. From your home page, click Settings and then Email Settings. Here you will find some video Email Templates to get you started. The templates were designed to be clean and simple, allowing the focus to be solely on the video.

Okay, so you’ve selected template 1 to be your starting point. Instead of going in and editing the example, you will want to copy it and create your own new version to work with, leaving the example as is for future emails. Click on the copy icon and press Okay. Now we have made a copy of template 1. Let’s rename the template. I’m going to name this one, My First Video Email, and in the subject line I’ll put, “Welcome.” Your goal with video email is to get the recipient to watch your video. As a general rule, the fewer the words you put around the video, the better. From here, you can upload your logo and change the text to better communicate your message.

For more details on working with the editor, watch the Video Tutorial called Working With the Email and Letter Editor. Now let’s swap out this video and put your video in here. Click Change Video. This is where you will paste your YouTube video link or ID. Now we’re going to jump over to YouTube. If this is the video you want in your video email, we’ll click Share, copy this link, and then go back and paste it here.

When you click Apply, you’ll see the thumbnail updated, ensuring that you have the right video. Now we’ll update our Video Email Template, and we’ve got our video email ready to send out. It’s always a good idea to send a test email to yourself to make sure everything looks right before you blast this out to hundreds of people, so we’ll select send test email, and enter your email address here. Here is the finished product. This is how your video email will appear in the inbox. Start using video email today and you’ll see higher engagement, higher click-through rate, and higher conversion rates.

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