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The Deals Tracking System allows you to manage your sales and your sales pipeline quickly and easily. Let’s say you have a Software Business and a Mortgage Business. No problem. Create a Custom Deals Screen for your software business and a completely different one for your loan business. You can have Notes, Appointments, Attachments, and Related Contacts all right here, all associated with these Deals. Then see your Deals on a screen that’s kind of like a whiteboard. As your Deals move through your sales process, you can just move them along, like this. Make these screens your own by adding Text Fields, Date Fields, Dropdown Lists, and more. See the Deals you are currently working on, or list the Deals you have won, lost, or put on the back burner. From the Contact Record, see at a glance which Deals this contact is associated with. Make as many customized Deals Screens as you would like, and start managing your Deals just like you manage your clients.

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