Sales Contact Manager & CRM Marketing Software

If you own or run a small business, there are many tools and systems you will use to manage your business. One of the most important business tools is your Sales Contact Manager Software. This sales contact software will not only help you keep your existing customers, but also attract new customers.

A great Sales CRM software solution will help you with many of the tedious aspects of your business, but won’t get in your way, or make you spend more time on your software than with your customers.

AllClients is a complete sales contact manager with the focus on ease of use. After all, the most important thing to look for in CRM marketing software is its usability. You can’t just HAVE sales CRM software to benefit from it, you actually have to USE it.

AllClients CRM software will help the small business owner by allowing him or her to go to one place for all client information. Imagine a computerized rolodex with all of your client info including history, notes, appointments, to-do’s and other pertinent information. Within AllClients CRM software, you can create and send letters and emails, set up email campaigns with the autoresponder, see your referral relationships on a simple referral tree, and see your contacts in easy to understand charts and graphs.

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