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Real Estate professionals are great with people. They love to meet people, talk with people, entertain clients, and schmooze at the local Starbucks and at lunch. And not just with the fun stuff, Realtors are excellent at solving problems, negotiating a great deal for their clients, and making the transaction go smoothly.

Besides being “people oriented”, Real Estate pros know a lot about Real Estate too! They know the local market, they know the right questions to ask Buyers and Sellers, and they help their clients buy low and sell high.

Realtors are Not Necessarily Good with Technology

While agents are good at what they do, many are not as good with technology, computers and software. And many struggle with marketing systems and strategies – not to mention good organization skills. What they need is a high quality Real Estate CRM software.

A great Real Estate contact manager will help them get organized, help them stay on top of their current customers, help them attract new customers, and also help them follow up with past customers.

An All-In-One CRM

AllClients is a Real Estate CRM that helps the Realtor in all aspects of client management. With AllClients you will be creating landing pages, web forms, email templates, autoresponder sequences, and marketing campaigns to attract new customers. 

Then you will build automated workflows, where you can take a multiple step sequence with several steps in it, and combine it into 1 simple workflow that you can use over and over again. Imagine you and your team never missing a step again!

Save Money by Dumping All of Your Separate Systems

With contact management, email marketing, landing pages, and marketing funnels all built into AllClients, you can cancel your MailChimp, Instapage and ClickFunnels accounts tomorrow. 

No more duct-taping several systems together with Zapier and trying to keep everything straight. With AllClients, all those features and functions are seamlessly integrated and there for you right out of the box.


There are many Real Estate contact management solutions for you to choose from. Most of them are decent choices and most will do everything you need to do to properly run your small business. The problem is, most were written by nerdy programmers and therefore are overly complex, have too many features and are cumbersome to use.

AllClients took a different approach when we started the business and built our first CRM in 2004. We believe the most important thing to look for in a Real Estate CRM is ease of use. If you can’t use the software because it is overly complex, who cares what features it has, or what other systems it integrates with?

The AllClients CRM keeps things simple. We make it easy for you to get up and running with logical, uncluttered screens with a system that is truly easy to learn and use. 

Then, once you get your feet wet with AllClients and you are ready to take the next steps, you can start using the robust Marketing Automation functions that are all built in. 

AllClients is one Real Estate CRM that you can start with and stay with.

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