Online Contact Manager

Choosing an Online Contact Management application is one of the smartest decisions you can make about where and how to store your customer data.

Today your choices are: A Software Contact Manager or an Online Contact Manager.

With software you get all the headaches that come along with software. You have to keep it updated, you have to constantly back up your data, and you have to be at a single location to use it – like at your home OR your office and not both.

With an Online Contact Management application, you have the flexibility to access your data from any computer that can access the Internet. You are not tied to a PC or a MAC, you are not tied to your office or home, and you don’t have to worry about your computer crashing and losing all of your precious client data.

AllClients is the premier Online Contact Manager, built with the non-technical, small business owner in mind.

AllClient’s Online Contact Manager handles the basics of keeping track of your contacts and keeping you organized with reminders, calendars and notes. Then the AllClients online contact management system takes another step with features like an automatic referral tree, easy mail merge letters and labels, and a simple way to sort and segment your client database.

If that’s not enough, with this Online Contact Management software suite, you get a 100% Permission Based Email system with an email marketing service that virtually guarantees that your emails will get delivered and not end up in your client’s SPAM folder.

With the AllClients Online Contact Manager you can attract new leads with your own custom webforms, and then use the AllClients Autopilot Marketing System of autoresponders, and automatic email campaigns stay in touch with your prospects and clients.

Once you see the futility of software, the decision to use an online contact organizer becomes easy: AllClients.

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