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Now Tell Me Again – What Does AllClients Do?


Last night my 24 year old nephew Trevor, and his new bride Aubree, were driving through town and needed a place to stay. They were on their way to Bakersfield for a race.

Trevor is a race car driver a few levels down from NASCAR. He has been racing since he was 5 years old. He also recently started a business selling supplies and parts to other aspiring race car drivers.

We were sitting at the kitchen table talking about all kinds of things and the subject of my company came up. Trevor asked…“Now tell me again – what does AllClients do?”

At this point I would normally say “Well…AllClients is a CRM and Marketing Automation Software system that helps very small businesses manage their customers.” But this time I took a different tack.

Here’s how I explained it this time…

Me: “Well Trevor, imagine you owned a small business selling supplies and parts to other race car drivers…(Trevor and Aubree smile). And let’s say some guy, we’ll call him Fred Smith, calls you up and wants a new fancy muffler for his race car. (I don’t even know if race cars HAVE mufflers, but Trevor got the idea.)

Now let’s say you make the sale and make a little profit. After the sale, would you ever have any reason to contact him again?

Trevor: No.

Me: What happened to Fred’s contact information?

Trevor: Well…it’s in Quickbooks.

Then I asked Trevor a question that turned on all the light bulbs in his head.

Me: Fred’s a race car driver…right? Do you think Fred might have a need for your services in the future? (Nods all around.) Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy way to stay in touch with Fred, so next time he needs a part, he remembers you and calls you? (More nods)

That easy way to stay in touch…is called “AllClients”.

Trevor: Do I get a family discount?

Oh, and the race in Bakersfield? Yeah, Trevor won it.


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White Label CRM Success

This is a must read if you have any interest in White Labeling a CRM. 

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