Features: Marketing Automation

Landing Pages

Make your own Landing Page to capture contact info from your website visitors. Start with a beautiful template, then customize the wording, decide which data fields to capture, and then publish it on the web. You can do this yourself…really!

Workflows featured

Campaigns & Workflows

Use sales and follow-up campaigns to turn your leads and past clients into customers. Create a step by step workflow that walks your potential customers through your systematic processes.

Autoresponders & Email Drip Campaigns

AllClients will respond to your new leads quickly and automatically. They fill out a form and seconds later they get your email response, newsletter or FREE REPORT. Then have AllClients automatically send your email templates at your pre-defined intervals. Our permission-based email system will virtually guarantee that your emails are getting delivered.
intelligent links 2021

Intelligent Links

Don’t just put ordinary links in your emails – make your links intelligent! With Intelligent Links you can see who is clicking on what links. Then have AllClients automatically update their contact record, stop and start autoresponders, and notify you via text or email

Easy Voice Recorder

Record and upload audio files to add to your marketing strategy. You can upload your own file or record a new one using our phone marketing system, VoiceTouch. The system keeps a library of your audio files so you can easily access and add to them.


Cloud File Attachments

Do you ever wish you had a copy of that contract, application, or other document right there on your client’s contact page? You have it now! Store unlimited Word Docs, PDFs, Photos and more, right there on the All-in-One Contact Screen. Now those documents are with you at the office, at home and on the road.

Deals Management

If you want to track the details of your transactions, use the AllClients Deals feature. Create custom deal types and then populate the deals with all of the relevant data.


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