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By day I am the CEO of AllClients – by night I play guitar, keyboards, and sing in my Beatles Tribute Band,

You might think these two activities are polar opposites, and in many ways they are. However, there is some overlap when I need to perform marketing activities for the band. Fortunately I know of a great marketing tool that fits the bill perfectly! 😉

Email is one of the tools I use to get gigs for the band.

Periodically throughout the year, I will send emails to venues we have played in the past and venues we have never played, but would like to. I will use the emails to highlight where and when we will be playing next and to let folks know we are available for new bookings. 

The challenge with sending a bunch of emails out is knowing who is interested in my emails and who is ignoring me. If I know someone is interested, even on a superficial level, I can take additional marketing steps like following up with another email, or sending a text, or even picking up the phone and calling them. 

It would not be practical (or a good use of my time) to call thousands of venues who may or may not be interested in hiring a Beatles Tribute Band. But if I know 10 venues are interested at some level, then additional follow-up would be a smart move, and pretty easy to handle. 

Wouldn’t it be great if I could just log into my CRM and right there on the dashboard it would give me a list of everyone who has opened my email or clicked on a link in my email? That would be HUGE!  

But how is this even possible?

Well, it’s not only possible, it’s easy if you have a CRM like AllClients that will track and present this information to you in real time.

In the image below you can see there is a widget on my dashboard called “Recent Activity”. This widget keeps track of everyone who has opened one of my emails and everyone who has clicked on a link in my emails.

activity widget

So I blast out an email to all the venues and then just keep an eye on my Recent Activity Widget to see who is interested. And when someone opens my email or clicks on a link inside my email, the number on the widget will automatically update.

Then to see who is doing the opening and clicking, I just click on that number and I can see the list.

recent activity
allclients activity widget1 1 1

This feature gives me a huge advantage over the other bands who don’t have the knowledge or the tools that I have  – it almost feels like cheating! Now when I send hundreds of emails to my prospective clients, I know EXACTLY which few I should be focusing on. 

And just From Me To You…this one AllClients feature allows me to be Here, There and Everywhere while my competition is getting No Reply!

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