Lead Management Software

Lead Management is the key to growing any business. You spend a lot of time and money to get that lead in the first place…and then what?

CRM Lead Management Software can really help, however most of these companies only give you a part of the solution. For example, you may need to use one business software program to collect the leads, another one to manage the lead and a third one to communicate with the lead through emails, letters and postcards.

Ideally, your Lead Management Software would collect the lead information on a web form, automatically put that lead into your client database, and then follow up with that lead automatically with a preset series of emails.

AllClients is that Sales Lead Management Software.

In AllClients CRM software, even a novice user can build a web form and then direct prospects to it. When the prospect enters their name and email address on your form, AllClients will add that new lead into the contact management database. Now the AllClients email autoresponder service takes over. You can set up the CRM system so that your new lead gets an email immediately and then several other emails over a preset timeframe.

Now that you have that automatic process set up, now you can manage your client database. Look up contacts, add notes and to-do’s, keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, send out professional mail-merged letters, printable mailing labels and more with this sales lead software.

AllClients is a complete lead management database software and works perfectly with many industries including mortgage, insurance, and numerous other markets.

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