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lead management software

Managing your incoming leads is oh so important to any growing business. You spend a lot of time and money to get that lead in the first place… but then what?

CRM Lead Management Software can really help, however most of these products only give you a part of the solution. For example, you may need to use one business software program to collect the leads, another one to manage the lead and a third one to communicate with the lead through emails, texts and snail mail letters.

Incoming Leads

Today you are probably getting your leads from a variety of outside sources: Leads could be coming from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Craigslist, one of your pre-built landing pages, or from any number of other outside lead sources.  

It’s no longer enough to capture that lead and have it automatically go into your lead management database. That’s where leads go to disappear, rot and then eventually die! 

You need to be able to capture that lead and then automatically start your new prospect on a predetermined workflow. The workflow might consist of several steps including emails, text messages, notifications, database changes and more.

Lead Management Automation
is a MUST

There are 2 main reasons it is no longer just a luxury to automate your lead flow, it is now a MUST. Here they are:

  1. Leads come in at all hours. Sure, some come in during working hours, but then some come in while you are sleeping and while you are on vacation. Regardless of WHEN they come in, you want your prospect to experience the same five star treatment that all of your leads get. 

    Lead management automation will handle the heavy lifting for you.
  2. Smart marketers have built out very specific workflows with several steps, colleague assignments, pauses and other AI logic that all need to be executed the same way, every time. 

    Sometimes these workflows will have 50, 75 or even 100 individual steps. In many cases it is impossible to remember to execute every step on exactly the right day at exactly the right time.

Ideally, your Lead Management Software will collect the lead information from the outside source, add the contact to the database, and then automatically fire off a workflow with all the steps you built in. It should be handling this for you 24/7/365.

The AllClients Lead Management System

In AllClients here is how your leads get in the system, nurtured and followed up on.

Lead Capture

Beautiful Landing Pages from AllClients is one way to capture leads. You can also capture leads from any outside source. If you are technically savvy, you can build an integration to bring the lead over with our API. If not, use Zapier to transfer the lead into AllClients.

Duplicate Handling

You don’t want to just indiscriminately dump leads into your pristinely clean AllClients CRM. You want some kind of filter at the front door with logic that will help you avoid embarrassing automation. By embarrassing automation, I mean accidentally sending emails and texts to the wrong people. You don’t want your system sending emails begging for business to your long time customers!

AllClients will handle all the duplication logic to avoid this common automation flaw. The duplicate logic will give you several choices of what to do with that incoming data.

Workflow Execution

In AllClients your workflows can be a simple 5 sequence autoresponder email campaign, or a 100 step monster with outside webhooks, pauses and start/stop logic after every step. 

However you decide to build out your workflows, the AllClients CRM will give you a special URL that you will use to tell outside systems how to get those leads into your database and which workflow to run.  

Lead management doesn’t have to be this mysterious, complicated thing. AllClients gives you everything you need to start off small and then when you are ready, you’ll have all the tools to build out robust and sophisticated sequences. 

AllClients is a complete lead management database software that’s a good fit for many different industries including real estate, mortgage, medical, dental insurance, and more.

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