Landing Pages & Lead Capture Systems

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You’ve heard it called several things: Lead Capture Page, Landing Page, and Squeeze Page are some of the most common. But what exactly is a lead capture page? What does it do? And how does it work?

Lead Capture Page Basics

A lead capture page, or a squeeze page, is a page on a website where it’s primary goal is to capture the prospect’s contact information, and more specifically their email address. Once you have an email address, you can send that prospect valuable information and keep in touch with them via email until they are ready to do business with you.

It’s called a Landing Page because it is where you want your visitors to “land”, and called Squeeze Page because you want to “squeeze” the contact information out of them using squeeze page software!

Page Builder Resources

There are some great systems out there that specialize in helping you build Landing Pages. Some of the best are: LeadPages, ConvertKit and UnBounce. The problem with getting a stand alone page builder is that you have to figure out how to integrate it into your CRM, Email Marketing, and Workflow management systems.  

In the AllClients CRM, the squeeze pages are built in and work seamlessly together with the rest of your marketing tools. There is no duct-taping or being forced to add additional complexity and tools like Zapier to make all your separate systems work together.

How Do Lead Capture Pages Work?

Within AllClients you will build your own lead capture page using an existing template or starting from scratch. Once your squeeze page is built, you will link to it from your website, Facebook Ads, brochures, business cards, Craigslist, Google Adwords, etc…

Remember the whole purpose of a landing page is to capture email addresses! 

When your prospect enters her name and email, that information is automatically entered into your AllClients contact manager and you are sent a notification by email or text. 

Once the contact is in AllClients, an email drip campaign will automatically be triggered. Or for those of you who really want to automate your processes, you can even start a more comprehensive workflow with multiple steps, that can last months or years.

What does a good page look like?

While the design of the pages are up to you, the best lead capture pages are short and to the point. Remember they only have one goal: Capture the email address. You shouldn’t have a lot of distractions or options or other links to click on, just a short message and a place to leave an email address. We don’t want the prospect to be distracted, we want to squeeze out their info right there, right now, on our squeeze page.

Lead Capture and Squeeze Capture Page System

Lead capture pages are easy to build and easy to configure in the AllClients CRM software. And the best part is you won’t have to shell out any extra dough and deal with complex and unreliable integrations. With AllClients, everything is built in and ready to go.

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