Insurance CRM

insurance crm

A professional Insurance Agent needs a professional database to keep things straight – and this is a lot easier than you think.

The Haphazard Insurance Agent

Are you following up with your clients and past clients like you should be?

Are you offering annual “check-in audits” that help your clients and help you at the same time?

Are you sending out a monthly newsletter?

Do you have all of your policy renewal dates dialed in?

If your client information is all over the place, it’s time to stop procrastinating and get organized now. A good insurance agent CRM software, ie. a client database will help you keep track of everything to do with your clients. And having all of this information in a single, all-in-one insurance database is the easiest way to get this done.

This does not have to be complicated!

There are many insurance software systems available for the agent to use, but most are overly complex. And what good is a system that has every possible feature, but it is so confusing you never end up using it?

How about taking baby steps? How about just getting all of the contact information for your clients into one system? That would be a great improvement for many Insurance professionals. 

Then the next step is logging notes from conversations you have with your clients and setting up reminders to follow up with them.  

Stop using Outlook, Excel and Post-it notes and move up to a better Insurance CRM solution: AllClients.

insurance crm

AllClients for Insurance Agents

AllClients is an easy to use agency software solution that has just what the Insurance Agent needs. The client record includes the basic demographics, category fields and custom fields. Easily add client notes, to-dos, birthday reminders, and anniversaries in your shinny, new insurance agency CRM platform. 

AllClients insurance software will help with our unique to-do plans, autoresponders, and Deals formats specifically for Life Insurance and Annuities. These features will help keep you on top of all the tasks associated with policy renewals, and more importantly policy NON-renewals.

insurance crm
insurance crm 1

AllClients can be used on all of your IOS and Android devices so you can access your database from the office, from home or from the road. All of your client data is secure and constantly backed up.

Grow with AllClients’ Insurance Marketing Automation

AllClients is a system that you can grow into. First you’ll put all of your clients in your new client management system, and use just the basics: You’ll look up phone numbers, and add notes and to do’s. 

Once you are comfortable at that level, you’ll want to take your business up a notch. The good news is that you won’t have to change systems. You will just start exploring the Marketing Automation aspects of AllClients. Things like: email marketing, autoresponders, workflows, text and phone marketing, campaigns, funnels and more.  

Get a free 14 day trial of AllClients. Today is the day YOU take the next step for your insurance business. 

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