A key part of an Insurance Agent’s business relies on being organized. They need an insurance agent CRM software, ie. a client database to help them keep track of their clients, and potential clients.

There are many insurance software systems available for the agent to use, for instance, Act! or Outlook. However these systems need lots of customizing to make them applicable to the Insurance Agent. Plus these choices use the archaic concept that software should reside on a single computer. This notion is inflexible for the Insurance Agent, and catastrophic when that computer crashes and with it goes your valuable customer data. 

There is a better Insurance CRM solution. It’s insurance agency sales software called AllClients.

AllClients is an easy to use agency software solution that has just what the Insurance Agent needs. The client record includes the basic demographics, category fields and custom fields. Easily add client notes, to-dos, online birthday calendar reminders, and anniversaries with your insurance agency CRM platform. AllClients insurance software will help with our unique to-do plans and autoresponders that will keep the agent on top of all the tasks associated with policy renewals, and more importantly policy NON-renewals. 

AllClients is a web-based insurance CRM software. That means the Insurance Agent can access their database from the office, from home or from the road. Their client data is secure because it is being securely stored on the internet, and constantly backed up. 

The Insurance Agent who needs to get organized, and is looking for the Insurance CRM software that will allow them to get up and running quickly, should give AllClients a good long look.

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