how to turn leads into customers part 2

In Part 1, we learned 4 easy things you can do to improve your chances of turning a fresh, new lead into a paying customer. 

In review, here are the 4 things:

1. Contact the lead right away… NOW

2. Contact them the way THEY want to be contacted

3. If you don’t engage with them right away, drip on them!

4. Don’t assume no contact means they are not interested

These 4 things are pretty simple concepts. They are easy to understand and easy to do – especially if you only have 1 lead. But if you have 10 leads or 100 leads or 1000 leads doing those 4 things becomes very difficult if not impossible – unless you can automate the process. 

You probably have heard of CRM’s with built-in Marketing Automation. This is the secret to taking a series of tasks related to leads and putting them on auto-pilot because you want your lead follow-up system to be working 24/7/365, and you want it to be working even when you are not. 

In our example below we will be using the AllClients system to explain how Marketing Automation works, but there are a handful of other systems that can do the same or similar functions.

Building a marketing automation system

In AllClients you will be building a Workflow to automate the 4 steps above. Some might call this a Marketing Campaign, an Autoresponder or Drip Marketing System, but we are all talking about the same thing.

Here is what the Workflow will look like once it is built into AllClients. Once you have written the emails and texts that you want to include in your Workflow, building this workflow will only take about 10 minutes.   

Let’s look at the steps in the workflow:

allclients workflow

In Steps 1-5 we are going to:

  • Properly categorize the lead
  • Notify you (or your sales rep) that you have a new lead
  • Set up a to-do to have you call the lead
  • Send an email to the new lead
  • Send a text to the new lead

(Remember this workflow is just an example and you will build yours with your business and your prospects in mind to maximize its effectiveness.)

allclients workflow 7

In steps 6, 7 and 8 we have a few different ways we are trying to reach them. These steps use the next 7 days to continue to try to reach them.

  • We kick off an Autoresponder campaign that will send them a series of 5 emails over the next 7 days
  • Then we sprinkle in 3 text messages and 2 reminders for the sales rep to call this prospect
allclients workflow 5

At this stage in the workflow we have not been able to reach them, so we are going to drip on them several times over the next year. (Workflows and Autoresponders can run for weeks, months or even years.)

This Autoresponder Campaign example is set to run for the next 12 months but obviously you would be adjusting this to meet your needs.

allclients workflow 6 1

In conclusion, Workflows and Marketing Automation make following up with your incoming leads a snap.

Stop trying to remember all these steps and get started with Automation today.

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