how do i set up my crm

Yay! You selected your CRM software and you’re ready to get down to business. So where do you start?

The key here is that you DO start. Here is how to set up your CRM in four easy steps:

Step 1: Get your data into the system

First things first: Get your contacts into your new CRM…now! You probably have your contacts in another system like Outlook or Gmail or even another CRM. There are easy ways to get this data transferred.

You will need to export your data from the old system and import the data into the new system. Most CRM’s have export and import utilities built in for this purpose, but even if you have to enter your contacts in manually, you must get this done. Hint: If you have to do this manually, this is a great job for a young person who wants to make an extra buck!

AllClients has a video tutorial that will walk you through the process, or you can call our support department and they will help you, or even do it for you.

Step 2: Start using it

As soon as you get your contacts in, start using your new CRM software right away. Don’t worry that there are a hundred things you can use a CRM software for, just start with the basics.

Use it as a Rolodex to start with. Look up your contacts to get a phone number or an address. When you talk to a customer, add some notes into your CRM for future reference. If you commit to calling someone back in 2 weeks, set-up a todo in your new CRM and it will remind you when it’s time.

Great! You are officially using your new customer management software. Congratulations.

Step 3: Get your questions answered

DO NOT STRUGGLE. When you get stuck, don’t spend hours trying to figure things out. Just contact your CRM support folks, get your questions answered, and move along.

All CRM’s have customer support in one form or another. AllClients offers phone, email and chat support to get your questions answered right away, so you can get back to work.

Step 4: Give it some time

Don’t expect to become a CRM software expert right away. If it’s the right CRM for you, you may have it for many years to come. AllClients started in 2004. We still have customers that started with us then, and are still using it today!

You can start setting up your CRM slow and learn as you go. As you get more comfortable with the system, you can continue to expand your horizons and use more and more of the system. Or not! Whatever works for you is OK.

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