CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is all about managing your interaction with Clients, Past Clients, and Future Clients.

AllClients provides all the information you could ever need about your clients – right at your fingertips and whenever you need it.

All of Your Contacts on One Centralized Platform

Your contacts are in spreadsheets and filing cabinets. Some are in Outlook or Gmail, and some on papers and sticky notes at your desk. It’s time to consolidate all of that valuable information and put it into one easy-to-use system: AllClients. 

Get a Quick Picture of All Client Activities

There is a lot going on with your clients at any given time. The AllClients Dashboard will tell you about new leads, who is opening your emails, who is having a birthday today, Client appointments and how your lead pages are performing.

Easily Transfer Contact Data From Your Old CRM

AllClients has an easy tool to help you get your contacts into the system. Do an export from your old system and then follow the steps to map your data to your new CRM fields. If you get stuck, you can contact our support department and they will walk you through it.

See All the Data for a Contact on One, Simple Screen

Bring up a contact and get all the information you need, right there on a single screen. Contact info, notes, to-do’s, appointments, referrals, attachments, and more. No more searching from screen to screen, looking for that one piece of information you need right now.

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