Easy Audio Generator

The Easiest Way to Generate Audio for Web Pages

Most marketers know that audio on your web pages will make a big difference in increasing your lead capturing conversion rate.

Web audio transforms dull, boring web pages into pages that come alive. Using your voice it is much easier to convey excitement, and other emotions, that just can’t be done with text only.

However, generating audio for web pages is not as easy as it sounds. You will need a microphone, special audio generator software, and HTML knowledge of how to turn an audio file into something that can be used online.

The special audio generator software you will need to create your audio file will cost you $25/mo or more, and in most cases you will pay extra if you don’t have a microphone and want to use your own phone to record the message!

Furthermore, when you jump through all of the hoops and finally get your audio on to your website, you will have a Play, a Pause and a Stop button – That’s it. But what if your visitor wants to back up the recording, or play it from the middle of your message? Sorry Charlie, you are using yesterday’s audio generator technology!

AllClients has developed the industry’s first audio generator software, built right into your CRM software, where you don’t need any special equipment, training or technical skills. You just pick up the phone, record your audio message, and then you can easily add it to your web page – all in under a minute.

With AllClients’ audio generator software, you will get unlimited recordings, no hidden fees and absolutely no hassle. Plus your visitors will have full control of the audio with a play bar that allows you to pause, back up, and play the message from any point in the recording!

AllClients is an All-In-One CRM system that combines online marketing (email and lead generating web pages), offline marketing (letters, postcards, etc…), and a completely integrated customer database. With the addition of an online sound generator, AllClients CRM software has put web audio within reach of even the most novice users.

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