Deal Tracking System & Sales Tracking Software

Have you ever wished you could track your sales and sales pipeline as easy as you manage your clients? 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access the details of all the deals you and your team are working on from home or from the road?

With your CRM or contact management system, you are getting pretty good at client management. You are getting new clients, managing your current clients, and keeping in touch with your past clients. 

Traditionally CRM’s focused entirely on your contacts. However, today, many CRM’s also offer deal tracking features to document the details of a deal, and where they are in your pipeline. 

(By the way, when we use the term “deal” it can really mean any kind of sale or transaction. Some people use the term “opportunity”, but we are all talking about the same thing.)

Why Would You Want to Track Your Deals in the First Place?

Just like it’s great to have all of your customer’s details readily available, it’s also handy to have your deals details too. Where your contact’s data might be name and address, your deals data may be the product they are buying, the type, the quantity and how they paid for it. 

Instead of having all this valuable information stashed away in a filing cabinet somewhere, when it’s right there in your CRM, you can access it at any time from anywhere.

Deal Tracking in AllClients

The AllClients Deal Tracking software lets you build custom sales tracking screens for any industry. Build a Real Estate screen to track your listings, and a separate one to track your buyers. Do you also sell a big ticket item unrelated to Real Estate? No Problem! With AllClients Deals, you can build unlimited custom screens to keep track of the details for each sale. 

In your deal screen you can see the amount of the deal, the commission you will earn, the probability of you closing the deal and more. Then you can create your own custom fields so you can really make these screens your own. 

Your Deal tracking screens can be linked to related contacts in your database, you can attach important documents to the deal, add deal specific notes, and make appointments specifically related to that deal.

Deal Stages

One of the benefits of having your sales details in your CRM is that you can visually see where each deal falls in your predetermined stages. Then as they move through your processes, the deal stages get updated automatically. 

Pop your head into any sales person’s office and look at their white board. You will probably see columns and deals listed there, and when a deal moves to the next stage, the sales rep will erase it from one column and add it to the next. That is the distant ancestor of deal stages!

The ability to track, organize, and manage your deals and see them in a pipeline format will help you close more sales. And do it easier and faster than ever.

Learn more by watching this deal management software video tutorial.

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