Deal Tracking System & Sales Tracking Software

Have you ever wished you could track your sales and sales pipeline as easy as you manage your clients? Wouldn’t it be great if you could access the details of all the deals you and your team are working on from home or from the road?

The AllClients Deal Tracking software for online sales lets you build custom sales tracking screens for any industry. Build a Real Estate screen to track your listings, and a separate one to track your buyers. Do you also sell a big ticket item unrelated to Real Estate? No Problem! With this sales tracking system, you can build unlimited custom screens for sales tracking in any industry.

Your Deal tracking screens can be linked to related contacts in your database, you can attach important documents to the deal, add deal specific notes, and make appointments specifically related to that deal.

A quick glance at your Stages Screen will show your sales pipeline tracking on a screen that looks like a white board. With this online sales tracking software, you can see at a glance what stage your sales are in and move them along right from that screen.

The ability to track, organize, and manage your deals and see them in a pipeline format will help you close more sales – easier and faster than ever.

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