Call For Church

(Call For Info by AllClients)

The easiest and most affordable way to make sermons available over a regular telephone

call for church

Just Three Easy Steps!

Step 1: Get your own local or toll-free number with unlimited extensions.

Step 2: Record your messages using any phone or
upload messages prerecorded from your computer.

Step 3:  Your callers call in and listen to your  messages.

Here's How It Works

First, you’ll get your own virtual local or toll-free phone number. This free prayer line number is not connected to any physical phone. You can create as many extensions as you want and then record messages of any length. 

You can easily record your messages using your own phone or you can upload MP3 files with messages you previously recorded. Your pre-recorded telephone prayer line can be a few sentences, several minutes, or even hours if you have that much to say!

Give your phone number out and your callers can call it 24/7 and no matter how many people call at once, no one will ever get a busy signal.

Why churches like yours LOVE Call For Info:

(This phone system is for inbound calls only – This is not a robocall or ringless voicemail system)

Share God's Word to EVERYONE in your Community.

There are thousands of people who want to attend church but just can’t get there. Many of these people will watch church services on the internet.  However, there are still others who don’t have the internet, or are not comfortable with the internet. 

These people need something more basic, more accessible, and more familiar: The telephone! 

Call For Info allows an individual to simply pick up the phone – any phone (their cell phone or their home phone), call a number, and LISTEN to your sermons, announcements and other church messages.

Only $14.95/mo

+ a penny a minute for the time people are listening to your messages

Call For Church Yourself!


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