AllClients HIPAA Compliance

Last Revised: April 19th 2022

While the AllClients product already adheres to the highest security standards, AllClients also has an upgrade that officially makes the AllClients product HIPAA Compliant. 

This upgrade is for customers who are required to use only HIPAA Compliant Software.  

The upgrade consists of several behind-the-scenes software upgrades as well as a Business Associates Agreement document that will be signed by AllClients and the AllClients subscriber. 

The upgrade is available for any AllClients Subscriber or Partner. Please contact AllClients customer support for details on pricing and how to upgrade your product. 

This is the badge you will see on your product once it is fully HIPAA compliant.

If you do not see this badge on your AllClients product, your software is NOT HIPAA compliant.

If you have any questions about AllClients’ HIPAA Compliance or would like to upgrade your AllClients product, please contact customer support.

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