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Even in 2020, some businesses have a need to communicate over a regular ole telephone line.

What is a recorded message line?

A recorded message line is a virtual phone number that people can call in to 24/7/365. This special line will have different extensions and you will put different messages on each extension. You can have as many extensions as you want and your messages can be of any length. 

Having a virtual number means there is no physical phone that is ringing, there is no equipment or physical wire hassles to deal with, and your callers will never get a busy signal.  Everything is easily set up and managed by you, online. 

A recorded message line is not to be confused with robo calling or ringless voicemail. Those irritating systems that we all hate, are outbound calling systems. A recorded message line is for inbound calling only.

What’s in a name?

Recorded message lines go by several different names: 24/7 message systems, Free Recorded Message Systems, Call For Info, Sizzle Lines, Information or Info Lines, Toll-free voicemail, Recorded message hotlines among others.  

The name is not all that important, it’s the functionality you are looking for. 

Why is a recorded message line better than your own phone system?

You already have a phone system, so why do you need a different, separate service for your recorded messages? 

We have all been trained that the office phone number is used when you want to reach someone at the office and talk to them. This is different. When you want a caller to hear what you have to say, you don’t use your office number, you use an information line.

Who needs a Recorded Message service?

Maybe you are a church and some of your members don’t have the internet, or don’t like the internet, or just aren’t comfortable using the internet. You still want to reach these people, and they still want to hear your sermons and messages. You could send them to YouTube to watch last week’s church service, but many will not go there. However, all of your members are comfortable using their phone to call in to hear what they missed on Sunday.  

If you are a Real Estate agent it’s almost impossible to get a prospective buyer or seller to pick up the phone and call you. They are being bombarded with advertising from other agents and don’t want to be attacked by a pesky salesperson! But what if there was a sign on the corner that said: 

“For a free list of recent home sales in this area, call this Free Recorded Message.”

Someone thinking about selling their home might be interested enough to call a recorded line, but not ready to enlist the help of a real estate agent. They call and you you have several minutes to “talk” to a prospect who may become your client soon.

How do you get started with a 24/4 Message Line?

There are many systems you can twist, bend and duct tape together, to make work as a Call for Info line. Telephone providers like RingCentral and Grasshopper will do the job, but the recorded message line is not their primary business so you will wind up with an overly complex system and overpaying for features you don’t need. 

The AllClients, Call for Info product is an inexpensive recorded message system that is easy for you to set up, and easy for your callers to use. At just $15/mo, plus a penny a minute for usage, you can get all your messages out to your audiences. Use any telephone to record your messages or upload an MP3 if you already have the recordings.  You can have your Call for Info line set up and working in 30 minutes.

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