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Create a proactive word-of-mouth strategy to increase referrals and grow your business without breaking a sweat!

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What's your word-of-mouth strategy?

You may be thinking, “Asking for referrals is not new – I already do this – everybody does!”

Everybody knows that referrals are a great way to get new customers. The referred person already has some familiarity with you, or at least a good relationship with the customer who referred them to you.

You may already ask for referrals, and that’s great. But this report will help you take your referral selling to the next level.

If every customer refers just 1 person to you, that could be enough for you to work exclusively by referral (instead of spending your days chasing sales).

This guide will teach you how!


jeff shamus

About the Author

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of the AllClients CRM and I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing CRM’s for over 3 decades. AllClients is the second multi-million-dollar CRM company I founded. 

When I learned about the power of using referrals to grow a small business, I incorporated all the needed referral components into AllClients. AllClients will help you grow your business by referral without breaking a sweat.  

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