If you are using texting in your marketing, you may have heard about a new system coming to the United States called 10DLC or AP2 10DLC.  

AP2 stands for Application to Person, and 10DLC stands for 10-Digital Long Codes. It is a new channel developed by the mobile carriers for messaging over local 10 digit numbers.          

The goal of 10DLC is to reduce the number of unwanted text messages by requiring businesses to register and identify themselves to the mobile carriers. The responsibility to comply with 10DLC lies with the business who is sending the texting. 

AllClients uses Twilio as our texting partner, and anyone using texting on the AllClients system will have an account directly with Twilio. The 10DLC system requires that most businesses register their company and the texting campaigns. If your company is required to register, you will be contacted directly by Twilio. 

Here are some Twilio links explaining how 10DLC might affect you:

What is A2P 10DLC:

US A2P 10DLC Overview:

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